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We believe that solar power is the only choice for the future

Solar Tech 3000 is not a “one size fits all” solar sales company.

With over 30 years in the industry we pride ourselves on the personal service that is provided to all of our customers.

Every solar installation designed and installed by a qualified & experienced person to meet your requirements and ultimately reduce that dreaded power bill.

We only use quality solar panels, inverters and accessories, not the cheapest we can find!!

Our service includes a home visit to explain the benefits and the process of getting solar power to work best for you. Each roof is physically inspected and measured for suitability (satellite images can’t always see everything).

Lock in Low Energy Costs

Once you’ve switched to solar energy, you also are released from the volatility of rising electricity costs from traditional energy sources such as coal, oil and natural gas — locking in low costs is a definite advantage of solar energy.

Make Money on Energy

If you’ve installed a solar power system that’s generating more electricity than you are using, in many cases you can sell that energy back to the utility company in a process called net metering. Contact your local utility company for more information.

Reduce Pollution

Traditional power generation pollutes the air and is a leading cause of global warming emissions. Solar energy doesn’t emit any pollution during energy production or use.

Go solar to save money

One of the main advantages of going solar is the savings to your electricity bills.

Boost Your Home’s Value

Another advantage of adding solar energy to your home is an increase in home value.

Sell Your Home More Quickly

Homes with solar panels installed sold more quickly (and at higher prices) than homes without solar panels, this according to a studyby the National Renewable Energy Lab.

Save Time

There’s virtually no maintenance associate with solar power systems, and systems can last up to 30 years. Once your solar panels are installed, they create power and savings for homeowners with almost no added costs.

Access Energy Anywhere

One advantage of solar power is that it can be used anywhere that the sun shines, even off the power grid. For astronauts, this means space; for the rest of us, it means locations where the power grid is unavailable, unreliable, or prohibitively expensive to access.

Promote Green Energy

Many people like to spend their money in a way that reflects their values. Homeowners who choose solar energy are supporting an industry that aims to reduce the Australia’s dependence on fossil fuels.

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We Supply and Install Only Premium Solar Panels and Inverters

We are a Local Family Run Business, Australian Owned and Operated


To compliment your solar package we can provide LED downlight installations to further reduce your electrical costs.

General Electrical Installations

We are fully qualified electricians who can help with all your electrical needs.

Customer Service

We are strong believers in providing exceptional customer service to all our clients.